People believe that to learn a new thing, you need a teacher to convey all the new knowledge to you. But no, we don’t do that here! Teaching and learning are boring and monodirectional, not to mention your perspective is affected by the unilateral view of those who teach you. At Thynk, we are not lecturing you about any specific topic. You come to enjoy a laid-back talk, a chat, a discussion, or whatever suits you, and then you will think and decide what you learn yourself.

At our events, we divide participants into small groups to help you feel more at ease when talking and make the best out of the conversations. You will find people from various backgrounds at our events. With this diversity, it is surprisingly easy to see how often you share a viewpoint with a stranger, and how often you don't.

Hearing stories from people all over the world is the best way to learn and broaden your view, while simultaneously realizing that, after all, we're not so different!

What happens inside our events?

The first time you enter the building, you’re curious, excited, maybe a little anxious even… What is going to happen? Nervously, you get a drink and sit down somewhere. You look around and you see a very diverse group of people from all nationalities, lifestyles and ages. The hosts give a welcome word and instruct you to sit in a group. Then it starts… you get comfortable in your chair and the facilitator starts with a thought-provoking opening question. Wow. Your mind starts to race to a million different possible answers. Slowly you hear the other participants express their thoughts, and hear all their different life experiences while understanding that the values driving those experiences are not really so different after all. Then, the shy girl that has been quiet for over 20 minute finally expresses her thoughts. “Wow, what an interesting idea… I never looked at my problem in THAT way”, you think - and only a couple days later you realise that that small idea enabled you to look at life from a more positive perspective. As you are approaching towards the end of the conversation, you are getting that “intellectual high”: your head is full of thoughts, seeing the endless ways how everything in life is connected, a thousand new ideas and opportunities you want to pursue, and having that understanding and excitement about the fact that in life there is always new things to learn.


Our mission

We long for an open society where everybody is able and encouraged to express their ideas freely, while truly understanding and respecting others’ viewpoints, creating a bridge between all differences. We aim to provide an opportunity to make self-actualization a reality by engaging in thought-provoking & meaningful conversations about all aspects of life. We create a diversified community by providing people the opportunities to indulge in meaningful conversations with our events.

Our team

Our HeadQuarters team consists of 10 diverse people, working hard on growing their individual skills as well on our common cause, we all share three values: a growth mindset, a desire to learn, an entrepreneurial spirit. "Present Your Learning Moments", pizza meetings and more... Besides, you can join us as a facilitator, helping out in our events, getting access to our Facilitators Course and community!

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Our people


My name is Jens, entrepreneur, conversationalist & organizational psychologist. I’m the co-founder of Thynk (formerly known as Filosofest).

Your favorite sayings/quotes?
Truth is relative. There is no right and wrong. The only thing we can do is share our perspectives and be open-minded about others so that we can figure out what works for ourselves.

What do you like to do in free time, and why?
Although Thynk has been something I’m working on 24/7, I’m very passionate about meditation. Meditation has taught me to get a grasp of the unconscious mind and has given me the ability to connect with myself, my emotions and the present moment


I am Alvaro, and I am the Co-Founder of Thynk (formerly known as Filosofest). I study International Business Administration.

What have you been able to learn during your time at Thynk?
I have learned to listen to people and understand their points, in a way that helps my management skills better than I ever expected. On top of that, I have gotten skills and a newfound love for strategy. As Thynk required a lot of work, my productivity has gone up through the roof since I started.

Your favorite sayings/quotes?
If everything seems under control, you’re just not going fast enough.


Why did you join Thynk?
I joined THYNK because I resonate strongly with its vision of making interactions with people more meaningful and to have conversations that get you thinking and give you a deeper understanding of the world. I have learned how unique every human being is and how seeing things from others perspectives allows you to have a deeper appreciation of those things. The most important life lesson I have learned is to find happiness in the little things in life and to only focus on the present.

Your favorite sayings/quotes?
“Life is a series of moments, and neither the past nor the future exist.”


Why did you join Thynk?
I always had a passion to infuse meanings into conversation. Every day chitchat isn’t something for me. That’s why I decided to attend one of the events from Filosofest (the then-Thynk). The conversations during the event were even better than I expected. While thinking back to this evening I started to wonder what it was exactly that made the conversations meaningful to me. I already had an interest in the idea behind conversations. However, this wondering made me join Filosofest as a Social Interactions Researcher

Your favorite sayings/quotes?
"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams"


I have always been entrepreneurially minded but have lately shifted my focus to finance. I love to figure out how to solve complex problems in the world.

One of the biggest things learned at THYNK?
Listening. I always talked too much. While I love expressing my ideas, listening to other’s ideas is something much more valuable.

Your favorite sayings/quotes?
Clean your room before you start criticizing the world.


What's your biggest life lesson?
My biggest life lesson so far is to trust and let go. I unconsciously seek control and get really frustrated if I don't have control in certain situations(which is completely fine because I can't always be in control) sometimes stepping back and just letting go really works wonders for me.

Your favorite sayings/quotes?
"If your dreams don't scare you, they are too small" - Richard Branson.


I started to work for THYNK because I think it is important for people to share perspectives and learn from each other. 

Who do you want to meet the most/want to sit next to on the plane/train?
If it was still possible I would like to sit next to Leonardo Da Vinci. He was a jack of all trades, an architect, painter, a sculptor and more. Next to all his activities he still managed to learn new skills that have made him successful in many different ways. This is what I aspire to be. Plus he was as they say the first European interested in a practical solution to flight. He will go nuts in an airplane!

What do you like to do in your freetime?
I like to organize get-togethers and be creative. For spectacular theme parties or creative projects, you can call me.