• Improve internal communication in an effective way
  • Keep teams engaged all across your organization
  • Tailored solutions with measured results

Our approach

1. Analyze & observe

We use anthropological observations and surveys in order to treat the underlying issues, rather than just the symptoms.

2. Learn & Get inspired

We use the latest academic research on virtual working in order to make sure your team is future-proof.

3. Connect & Activate

We use an interactive & dialogic approach where we help employees find the answers together.

4. Measure & reflect

We ensure an actual impact by running a survey to measure improvements. We also plan a session with the employees to reflect on the process together.

The 4 pillars of Online Engagement

Based on the latest academic research, we've created a model for online employee engagement.

Working in a team
Collaboration is done differently online. Communicating, being a leader digitally, and creating a culture virtually now require a different skillset.
When everybody is working from home, the borders between work and life can easily get fussy. Are you aware ofhow much you’re asking from your employees?
Working from home has a lot of benefits, employees can choose when they can work the most optimally. But, are you making sure that your employees are still motivated?
Social relations
We all miss the talks at the coffee machine. How are the relationships between your employees in times of working from home?

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