A new name

Filosofest is now THYNK. As we shifted course, we felt that our brand should follow.

Find out why we changed
  • dateDecember 14, 2019
  • time20:00
  • locationInternational Center Tilburg
  • price€ 3

This event is (unfortunately) over!
While we are just at the corner of starting a new Decennium with 2020 around the corner, we should end it with a bang! We are going to talk about Anxiety, Burnouts and Stress. We all have felt stress at some point. Maybe within our friendships or relationships, perhaps you are stressed when you read this because the words already give you anxiety and stress. Always on the move when we are students or when we work. And sometimes that gets too much and your little fire burns out. Let's talk about it together about how we feel stress and see it coming, but also how to cope with it. Avoid anxiety and burnouts and let's have a wonderful evening together! Get a drink, be inspired, learn something new, and connect with somebody you haven't met before. The conversations can go anywhere... During Filosofest we'll talk about philosophy in a new way. Don't be afraid of not knowing about philosophy; we view philosophy as being curious, asking questions to yourself, wondering WHY things happen the way they do.

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