A new name

Filosofest is now THYNK. As we shifted course, we felt that our brand should follow.

Find out why we changed
  • dateJanuary 24, 2020
  • time20:00
  • locationInternational Center Tilburg
  • price€ 5

This event is (unfortunately) over!
The first event of 2020! Be prepared for yet another night of meeting new people, connecting with the ones you already met and, of course, get ready for some awesome conversations. In a time (pun intended) where "I'm busy" is a better answer than "I'm doing good" to the question "how are you?", time is becoming increasingly important. Yet, all time is not the same: an hour of meditation can seem neverending, but binge-watching an entire season on Netflix can seem like 5 minutes. Everybody wants to have more time. But, how often do you stop and think about what time actually is? The doors at International Center Tilburg will be open on Friday 24 January at 20:00, and we will start at 20:30 with our first round. Tickets are available on our website for 5 euros and you can bring a friend for FREE!!