A new name

Filosofest is now THYNK. As we shifted course, we felt that our brand should follow.

Find out why we changed
  • dateSeptember 04, 2020
  • time19:30
  • locationGiardino d Italia
  • price€ 5

This event is (unfortunately) over!
A few thousand years ago, people believed in Gods and the Immortals, along with the mythologies to reason any inexplicable and natural incident. They worshiped Hercules for his strength, they worshiped Achilles for his audacity and every other person whose abilities stood out. Moving forward to a few hundred years ago, now there is a slight change in the way people worship, but yet, they still believed in God to be the reason for everything they cannot explain with a conscientious explanation. And then a few years ago, people started to question whether they are “Only Human” that are destined under the divinity of gods or are they “Only Human” that haven’t fully discovered their potential. That was when science kicked in. Countless science fiction stories and media started to depict people with a higher level of ability. To name a few, “Robocop,” “Judge Dredd,” "Star Trek," characters. Or more recently, people’s favorite Marvel and DC heroes are just people with enhanced ability. So, once again, we ask the question: “Are we only human?” or are we more than that. With the rise of sciences and technology, the prospect of enhancing a human in mental and physical aspects is getting more and more clear. And maybe one day, each of us will become a subject of enhancement. What do you think about it? How would you feel about enhancing your own body and ability? We are curious to hear your idea and opinion about it, all at Thynk’s Human Enhancement.

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