A new name

Filosofest is now THYNK. As we shifted course, we felt that our brand should follow.

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  • dateOctober 08, 2020
  • time20:00
  • locationOnline
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This event is (unfortunately) over!
THYNK is back with another online event! This time, in collaboration with Studium Generale of Tilburg University: "Let's talk about Altruism" with speaker Alfred Archer. Views on altruism Some say: Altruism is just a way to fulfill your intrinsic desires. You put the sake of others above yours because, paradoxically, you are selfish. Others say the opposite: People sacrifice themselves for other people’s concerns because it's in their nature. They simply believe that people who suffer don't deserve what is happening to them. What about you? Would you “catch the grenade or throw your hand on the blade” for someone, and do you expect something in return, regardless of intrinsic or extrinsic motivations?   These days The discussion about altruism has long been heated and has fueled lively debates. And we at THYNK and Studium Generale believe that it is an exciting topic to talk about. A recent study has found signs of altruism in people's COVID-19 worries. Furthermore we live in a time in which we increasingly feel the need to protect our privileges. You can read in the news about the lengths to which some people will go to make sure that they will not be stripped of their benefits. In contrast, others are ready to give away the majority of their fortunes to help people prevent problems.

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