A new name

Filosofest is now THYNK. As we shifted course, we felt that our brand should follow.

Find out why we changed

Dear Filosofestians...

This letter is a big thank you to all of you. For the past 2 years, you have shared with us your unique perspectives, your absurd life experiences, your engaging stories, and your controversial ideas. The conversations we shared brought happiness and plenty of “intellectual highs”, the conversations sparked new projects, friendships, connections - and even a relationship. But most importantly, those conversations made us more curious and brought many more questions.

In the past 2 years, we have held 16 events, with in total more than 180 conversations, participants from 30+ nationalities. We held events in 8 different locations, had 3 different speakers, and talked about a very diverse range of topics, including: Discovering perception, Inside the mind, The power of Culture, Connecting in a time of isolation, Anxiety, burnout and stress, and The Dreams Event.

Filosofest started out with a mission: “Meeting like-minded people through meaningful conversations”. First of all, we realized that most people are not that “like-minded”; we take pride in the diversity of our audience. What would be a better word is “like-valued”: we realised that all of us share an enormous curiosity and desire to learn more about ourselves, the world and society as a whole. And second, as the months and events passed, we realised that it is not only about meeting people. Sure, in our events you get to meet people from many different backgrounds. Yet, the real magic happens in the conversations. Within 45 minutes, one can hear new perspectives, create a better understanding of one other, learn that while we vary in many ways, although the different life experiences, we are, in many ways, not so different after all. In our conversations, you learn how to truly listen, and learn more about your own beliefs and values. And with those things in mind, we proudly present our new mission:

“We long for an open society where everybody is able and encouraged to express their ideas freely, while truly understanding and respecting others’ viewpoints, creating a bridge between all differences. We aim to provide an opportunity to make self-actualization a reality through engaging in thought-provoking & meaningful conversations about all aspects of life.”

With this mission in mind, we want to create an impact beyond our regular events. With that, we are going to launch a couple of new things: and we just launched our app THYNK at Home, where we enable everyone to have Filosofest-like conversations at home. Now, you can imagine that with this new mission and our new projects, a philosophical “fest” does not fully capture our intentions and conversations. That’s why we changed our name to THYNK. Knowing your curiosity, you’re probably wondering why not THINK? Because talking about the Y (why) is more important than I. ;)

We’re excited about the future. There are new projects brewing as we speak and we hope to continue to be able to deliver and contribute to our cause. But we’re excited and curious about you too! About your growth, your ideas, and your new life experiences, because in the end, all these new perspectives are what gives magic to our conversations, and purpose to our cause.

With love,
Jens, Alvaro, and the rest of the THYNK team.